About ZhengWeining

2009-11-27 11:17   Source:Shenzhen Zhengweining Charity Foundation  

15 years ago, Zheng had to face the destiny without alternate choice, waiting for the kiss of death in wheel-chair, born to have Hemophilia disease, predicted by doctors to live less than 50 years, always being cautious not to bleed since a slight injury will cause blood streaming. Zheng didn’t take his fate lying down. He began to learn computers with the help of his wife. Through the screen he found that he could do many things without leaving home. If the fragile body is not fit for strong physical work, why not doing mental work? He had an idea to build a website for disabled people, and then put all his lifesaving money given by his parents into the project.

Then his home became a base camp of venture for these five people. No matter what disease they had, whether one-sided paralysis, muscular dystrophy, or crashed backbone, at least they had normal brains like regular people. On computers they could do what ordinary people could. Everyone worked hard since it had become the big chance to prove himself. “I decided to startup in the end of last century, finding something to do, otherwise I would had committed suicide. I never thought about this when my mother was alive, since I felt valuable to do something for her, measuring blood-pressure, feeding medicines and comforting her. But my mother passed away in May that year and I got severe Tristimania, feeling no hope, believing only death is a kind of relief. My mother left 300,000 Yuan to me, so I decided to end my life after spending all that money, so I started the business. Today if I meet someone who has the same situation as me, I will find something to ‘torture’ him. We run 'Canyou' (meaning friends of disabled people in Chinese), in order to absorb all the disabled people to join, to do things worth to do, valuable to community, profound for himself. I think this is the happiest way of living to one person.” Not waiting to die quietly, but struggling to do something valuable, this is Zheng’s philosophy. One year later, their website (Chinese Service Network for Disabled People-Shenzhen Futian Canyou Internet Workshop) became the highest click-rate commonweal website for disabled people.

But one website was not enough, they needed bigger platform. People like them whose body are partially disabled have much more things to do. Occasionally in 2002, Zheng met Li Hong, who was once the Zhejiang provincial highest-ranking student in college entrance examination, graduated from Beijing University, Physics department, and rejected by many famous IT companies because of his congenital disease-muscular dystrophy. Lihong came to Shenzhen to visit Zheng, with his last hope. ‘I want to be Hawking of IT industry’. Lihong’s participation opened a new page for Canyou to start software development. In 2004, Canyou was awarded ‘Certification of Software Enterprise and Products’ by National Ministry of Science and Technology. In 2005, with the help of Shenzhen Bureau of Civil Affairs, Canyou set up ‘Shenzhen Information Non-obstacle Research Association’. In 2007, Canyou Software Company was founded and awarded Hi-Tech enterprise by Shenzhen municipal government. In 2008, Canyou Cartoon Culture Development Company was founded,, together with Canyou Technology Company, Canyou E-Commerce Company. In 2009, Shenzhen Canyou Group Company was founded. Untill 2011, Canyou has set up 32 subsidiary companies around China (as in Figure-01), including Kashi and Haikou. In addition to organization expanding, Canyou has also setup technology communication and cooperation with many international companies such as IBM global Information Non-obstacle Center, Intel, German G&D Bank, Autodesk and Huawei etc.