Organization Structure

2012-03-23 10:09   Source:Shenzhen Zhengweining Charity Foundation  


1.       Senior netizens or volunteers (More than 10 people) who are enthusiastic in public welfare construct the council of ‘Red Vest Fund’. A team of 5 from the council is formed randomly to take charge of the operation decision, including project establishment and approval of all NPOs, vulnerable group & person, fund management and application. A project will be granted with more than 3 members’ approval, otherwise will be rejected. 
2.       The ‘Red Vest Fund’ secretariat is the daily operating agency, located in the BBS office, a subnet of Shenzhen Real Estate Information Network (www.szhome.comproviding logistic and secretarial service. ),
3.       Off-line extending service is provided by ‘Szhome’ volunteer team of Shenzhen Nanshan volunteer association.