Fund Usage

2012-03-23 10:09   Source:Shenzhen Zhengweining Charity Foundation  


Works under the rule of ‘Regulations of Fund Management’, supervised by (ZWNCF).
1.       Accept application for NPO charity programs.
2.       Accept application for humanitarian aid, mainly from disabled people and children.
3.       Provides natural disaster aid.
4.       Provides community employment plateform for disabled people in Shenzhen.
5.       Less than 10% of total fund can be used in operation and management, including but not limited to daily office expense, staffs salary. (No council or consultant member of fund receives any kind of payment).
6.       Any kind of expense must be payed through bank public transfer to the beneficiary, such as payment to bank account of hospitals, schools etc. , no cash trasfer to single person is allowed.
7.       All expenses will be listed on website to receive public supervision.