Wal-Mart Love Counter Opening on November 29,2011

2012-03-23 14:12   Source:Shenzhen Zhengweining Charity Foundation  


On November 29, 2011, Zheng Weining Charity Foundation opened the first ‘Wal-mart Love Counter’ with cooperation of Wal-Mart, to sell handicrafts made by disabled people in local communities, together with E-Commerce platform, to build online and offline operation mode. All incomes will be returned to the makers without any deduction.
In order to integrate and utilize the social welfare resource, 'Wal-mart Love Counters' is open to all NPOs. They can exhibit projects, raise funds and organize activities under their NPO names. 
The goal of Love Counters is: To build a comprehensive charity promotion platform, so as to exhibit and sell handicrafts made by disabled people, to integrate social welfare resources, and to introduce more high-level volunteers into charity business.