Introduction of Canyou

2012-05-04 15:12   Source:Shenzhen Zhengweining Charity Foundation  


Canyou was founded in the end of 20th century by Mr. Zheng Weining, a severe hemophilia patient, with ‘working in front of computer screen’ as basic job direction for disabled people. Through 15 years of exploration, starting from a typing&copying workshop with 5 disabled people and one PC, Canyou has built a charity public-welfare plateform for multiple benefit, and has created a standardized and reproducible business mode for social enterprises, through self-operation and development without external financial support. Nowadays, Canyou becomes a livelihood plateform with 1 Charity Foundation, 8 NPOs and 32 social enterprises, and keeps expanding in China. Canyou’s social innovation has received wide acceptance from government and society, Canyou’s development process is also a social movement of life-style revolution for diasbled people.
Canyou has various titles, National Hi-Tech company, National Outstanding Welfare Enterprise, SEI CMMI 5 level, Double-Softare Enterprise granted by China Science&Technology Department, National Animation Industry Park Enterprise, Shenzhen Key Cultural Enterprise, Shenzhen Key Software Enterprise, Shenzhen Cultural&Technology Demontration Enterprise, China E-Commerce Pioneering Enterprise, CPC Kashi Advanced Enterprise, Following Contract and Observing Credit" EnterpriseGuangdong Popular Science Education Base, Guangdong Advanced CPC Primary Organization, Gaungdong Advanced 5.4 Youth League Branch, Futian Demonstration Base for ‘Enterprising Impelling Employment’ , Shenzhen Volunteer Association, International Trade Licence Enterprise, Shenzhen University Advanced Practice Base, Shenzhen Level-1 Information System Integration/Design/Operation/Maintenance Qualification, Internet Value-Added Service Qualification, Shenzhen Employment Training Base for Disabled People. Canyou is also the strategy partner of many world leading companies like Microsoft, IBM. Intel, Huawei, also has many famous clients like China Central Bank, Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant, Shenzhen-Hong Kong Innovation Park, Shenzhen Software Park, Germany G&D Bank, Japan Xingya Insurance, Wyton Technology Corporation, etc.
As a tender revolution, Canyou gives the society a solution of employment promotion for disabled people.